I can't make this stuff up...

Hi! I'm Emily. Friends have been calling me "Mama Em" for as long as I can remember.

When I was three years old I had these fabulous stories about imaginary friends. I talked to people that no one else could see, and I knew everything about them. They had full names, back stories, the whole 9 yards. My parents chalked it up to the fact that I was the only kid around because they were very young parents, and assumed that this was a normal thing for a child to have imaginary friends. Fast forward to high school, where I was taking a class in photography. One of our assignments was to create a contact photo, where you place an object onto a piece of photo paper, and then expose it to light. When done correctly, you will wind up with white on the paper where the object was sitting, and black everywhere else. I was bored, and low on ideas. So I put my hand on the photo paper and exposed it. Before my photo could finish in the last water bath, The bell rang and I had to move onto my next class. So I just shoved it in my backpack. It wasn’t something I planned on turning in anyway. I couple of days later, I was digging for something else in my backpack and the photo fell out. A friend of mine picked it up and made some comments about how you could clearly see images in my handprint. I thought she was crazy, and took it from her to look at myself. She was right. In the palm of my hand, set a woman in a turban at a round table. embracing a crystal ball. In my middle finger was a doorway that opened into bright light, and the shadow of a figure walking into it. All of the designs were done in purple, and looked like I had sat there for hours and drawn them myself. But the thing was, I hadn’t done any of it. There was absolutely nothing done to alter this photograph. I had no idea how it had happened, or what it meant. I was only 13 years old, and quite frankly it scared me. I brought it home to my parents, and gave it to them without any backstory. Both of them looked at it and saw all of the same things that my friend and I had both seen. When I explained to them that I have not drawn any of these images in the photo, they had simply appeared, we all decided that because we didn’t know what it meant, the best thing to do was to destroy it. We burned it in the fireplace. It is something that all of us have regretted ever since. Of course, now as I am approaching 40, my mom and I (dad has since passed) are well aware that this was my message from the universe that I am supposed to help people find their path, and do my best to communicate messages from the other side. I wish I could tell you that I had some kind of magic control over the whole thing, and that I can decide who and when I want to speak with the dead, but I can’t. Even now, it is something I have not mastered. The dead come to me when they have something to say, and I do my best to relay the messages. Because I do not have precise control over the communication with the dead, I do not charge for anything related to directly speaking to them. Should someone that you wish to hear from have a message that you need to hear, they will normally give it to me while I am reading cards for you, and I will make sure to pass it along. I cannot guarantee that this will happen for everyone. 

Something I get asked often, is, “why do you charge for readings?“ for a long time, I didn’t. For too long probably. I am a mother, I have three children who depend on me, I also have a full-time job, an amazing husband, plus a total of four dogs and a cat. I am very busy, but helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles is something that I know I have to do. It is what makes me feel whole in the universe. It is how I feel I am doing my part. So, because readings take time away from other things in my life, I do charge for that time. However, when compared to other online readers, my readings are ridiculously low priced, and will remain that way. I enjoy doing readings for people, but if it becomes a point where I feel you are getting addicted, I will return your money and let you know that I think you need to press pause for a while. This is happened to me before, where someone has constantly complained that this is their last $10, but they just need to know. I do not ever want to be the cause for your financial ruin. I am not the kind of person who wants to rip you off, or take your life savings. So, if I feel that you are coming to me too often, and not able to afford to do so, I will politely ask you to stop for a while and reevaluate your priorities. I feel that my honesty and integrity are what set me apart from other readers, and I hope that you will feel the same way. If you want to learn more about me or my process, I encourage you to read my book, “Diary Of A Witchy Woman” which can be found on Amazon and through all major book retailers. While now dated, as my life has changed so much since I wrote it, I still feel it is the best insight into how I became who I am today. Life is constantly changing. I’m just along for the ride. All my best, xoxo Mama Em