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2019 is the year of AWAKENING! I'm here to help you lift your head and look up from the news and social media. Pay attention to the world in front of you. If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Find and become your truest, most authentic self, and everything else will ripple into the universe to put you on the path you need! Need some help figuring it out and getting there? I've got you covered!

(And I do my best to try to explain more on my YouTube channel!)

XOXO, Mama Em 

 I have been a self-practicing Pagan and Witch for over 20 years. I do things my own way, and I love to make my own products. I'm here to help bring new and unusual items to everyone, and to provide metaphysical supplies at prices we can all actually afford. If you're looking for something in particular and you can't find it, please contact me with what you need and I'd be happy to get it for you! To stay up to date on new products, contests and giveaways, friend me on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/officialmamaemsworld, Follow me on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram @mamaemsworld  

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 Carson Valley Area folks, if you're in need or just curious about reiki healing, check out my friend Kriss at https://www.mindbodyspirit-healing.com/